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Munich Creative Business Week

11th March 2020


COKREA, Nordendstrasse 64, 80801 - Munich

Do you or your team use slides in presentations?

How important is it that the slides

do not distract your audience

from what you say?

Surely you would agree that it’s a must.

Because if your visuals distract from your verbal message and storytelling, you impair your own ability to sell your idea, product or service, to advance your career and to grow your business.

Yet, the vast majority of all slides does exactly that. Even the vast majority of professionally designed, high-end corporate slides. And neither the audience, nor the speaker are aware of the distraction.

So how do I know?

Because I measure it. Regularly.

And the results are the same irrespective of the industry, the audience’s background, age, gender and the continent.


70-90% of audiences do not register full sentences presenters says due to how slides are used in the corporate world nowadays.

Why? Because the slides most speakers use are not brain-friendly. They are not created by taking into account how our brains process visual and verbal information when they reach us at the same time, which is what happens in presentations. In other words, they neglect the neuroscience.

How do Brain-Friendly Slides

help you overcome this issue?

By adding neuroscience to how you design and deliver presentations with slides. By helping you feel the science, rather than just explain it. And by keeping the workshop highly practical and applicable to your everyday presentations.

By the end of this engaging and transformational slide design journey, you will

  • feel how much the prevalent use of slides distracts from the verbal message (this will set the ground for transforming how you approach slides, forever)

  • understand Presentation Mathematics — the cornerstone of Brain-Friendly Slides and Brain-Friendly Delivery

  • learn how to use all the design elements (colours, font size, pictures, etc) that go into a slide in a brain-friendly way and why how they are used in most slides is not brain friendly (the right way is counterintuitive)

  • critique slides, including professionally designed, high-end corporate ones; see why they are not brain friendly and how to improve them

  • design your own Brain-Friendly Slides

  • learn what makes Brain-Friendly Delivery (Brain-Friendly Slides reach their full potential only when delivered the right way)

  • learn how to deliver graphs, tables and charts, which are the most distracting from the verbal message, in a brain-friendly way

  • deliver your own Brain-Friendly Slides in a brain-friendly way

Irrespective whether you work in sales, IT, finance, engineering, marketing or any other field, Brain-Friendly Slides will equip you with the core neuroscience-based principles for creating slides that will help you sell your ideas, products and services better, grow your business and advance your career.

The Brain-Friendly Slides workshop

at the 2019 Munich Creative Business Week

will be held:

11th March 2020

9:00 -17:00

COKREA, Nordendstrasse 64,

80801 Munich

Please bring a laptop with either PowerPoint (2013 or later) or Keynote installed on it.

The workshop will be held in English but as Ákos is fluent in German, you can also interact in German or Denglish.

The number of places at the workshop is limited to 20 and the tickets will be sold on a first come, first served basis.

Early bird steal (-20%): €143.20 (7th-31st Dec 2019)

Not so early bird great deal (-10%): €161.10 (1st-20th Jan 2020)

Hurry up deal (-5%): €170.05 (21st-31st Jan 2020)

Full price: €179.00 (from 1st Feb 2020)

*The price includes lunch (tasty vegetarian and meet options), breakfast, snacks and non-alcoholic refreshments throughout the workshop.

Refund and ticket transfer policy:

We are unable to refund tickets bought for this workshop. If your plans or availability change, you can transfer your ticket to someone else or the price of the ticket (minus 7.3% Eventbright processing fee) can be used to pay for individual presentation mentoring or consultancy with the trainer.

To transfer your ticket to someone else or put it towards individual presentation mentoring or consultancy, please contact the organiser.

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