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How to make your presentation sell your idea beyond the room? It's easier than you think.

Make your presentations reach decision makers even beyond the room.

You have just delivered your presentation and you hope the message will travel way beyond the room.

After all, this is crucial for selling your product, service or idea because decisions are rarely made in the room. Often, it’s not the decision maker who attends the presentation. Or not the only decision maker. And the person who was in the audience needs to sell your product, service or idea and you too to the decision maker. Or their fellow decision makers.

So it’s paramount that you help the person who attended your presentation as much and as well as you can to sell you beyond the room.

To help them do this, most presenters share the slide deck they used in the room with the audience.

But there is a big problem with this.

The slides that will perfectly support your storytelling in the room will not provide good enough support beyond it. And vice versa.

(If you have any doubts about the above statement, please read this article.)

The solution is to have a brain-friendly slide deck you use in the room and separate follow-up material that you will share with the audience afterwards.

The follow up material can be in the form of another slide deck, a text document or an infographic. The important thing is that both materials tell the same story because the purpose of the follow-up material is to help your audience retell your story or use it as a reminder.

Preparing follow-up material in addition to the slide deck to be used in the room is obviously more work, which might worry some.

But actually, it can be less than you expect.

Below, you can see an example of how easy it is to turn a brain-friendly slide deck into follow-up material that will help people in the room sell you beyond it.

The example comes from a slide deck I used to present a proposal of a consultancy to develop a presentation for an agribusiness company to attract investment.

The next sequence of slides, detailing how the consultancy will achieve the goal set by the client, is good for being used in the room because the slides are brain-friendly. In short, what makes them brain-friendly is 1) that they contain very little text and 2) how they are combined with what is said. To understand why this is so important, please read this artcile.

Let's look at the sequence of brain-friendly slides.

But as said, such slides will obviously not help in retelling your story and selling you to decision makers beyond the room because most of the content is delivered verbally. These slides won’t go a long way either if an audience member will want to use them only as a reminder after some time.

To change these brain-friendly slides into follow-up material that will tell the same story beyond the room, all you need to do is add an additional slide after each brain-friendly one. Each additional slide should succinctly explain how that step in the consultancy will help the client achieve what they expect from the presentation.

Have a look below at how the above segment of brain-friendly slides was turned into effective follow-up material.

This way the follow-up material tells the same story as the brain-friendly slides in the room, providing the crucial details the people who were in the room will need to sell you beyond it. And the additional effort that goes into creating the follow-up material is minimal.

I will be sharing similar tips in my Brain-Friendly Slides workshop at the Munich Creative Business Week on 9th March. Hope to see you there.

Happy presenting!

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